Mineral Still Water Cask 10 Litre

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Mineral Still Water Cask 10 Litre

The Three Bays Cask is a 10-litre bag-in-a-box, making it easy and convenient to consume Three Bays at home or at work.

The Three Bays Cask is ideal for travel, boating, social gatherings or weekends away, or to top up your glass at home or at work.

The cask includes a practical handle to make it easy to carry. Both the box and the bladder inside are recyclable.


  • Australia’s Three Bays Mineral Water is a truly unique and intensely hydrating water.
  • Three Bays Mineral Water is sourced from the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, in Victoria.
  • The Purest Mineral Water - it is four times purer than the closest known commercial mineral water brand.
  • Supreme Health Benefits - Three Bays is the only known water to supply the body with 23 of the 24 minerals considered essential to good health.
  • Award Winning - lauded across the globe with gold medals



  • Australia’s Three Bays Bottles The World’s Most Unique Mineral Water.

  • Australia’s Three Bays Has Been Called the “Unicorn” Of Mineral Water – Even Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick Are Fans.

  • Three Bays* is a 2000-year old Australian water that some say is the purest in the world.

  • Three Bays* the world’s most unique water? Mornington Peninsula waterhole springs a pure surprise.

Mineral Content
  • pH 8.3 pH units
  • Magnesium 92mg/L
  • Iodine 67 µg/L
  • Zinc 390 µg/L
  • Total Dissolved Solids 1300 mg/L
  • Barium 50 µg/L
  • Bicarbonate 320 mg/L
  • Borate (Boron) 91 µg/L
  • Calcium 64 mg/L
  • Chloride 450 mg/L
  • Copper 73 µg/L
  • Electrical Conductivity 1700 µS/cm
  • Fluoride - natural 0.3 mg/L
  • Hardness 540 mgCaCO3/L
  • Iron 260 µg/L
  • Manganese 150 µg/L
  • Nickel 21 µg/L
  • Nitrate 0.008 mg/L
  • Potassium 3 mg/L
  • Phosphorus 50 µg/L
  • Silica 56 mg/L
  • Selenium 4 µg/L
  • Sodium 190 mg/L
  • Strontium (stable) 370 µg/L
  • Sulphate 88 mg/L
  • Vanadium - Dissolved 7 µg/L