Exotic Nights Natural Diffuser

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Exotic Nights Desk Top Diffuser


Awaken your senses with exotic nights blend.

Our desk diffusers are simple, yet elegant and effective. We've filled a container with a dried botanicals infused with our Ambience Pure essential oils. When the lid is lifted, fragrance abounds. Sit on your desk, bedside table, kitchen counter or anywhere else you'd like a burst of aromatic scent. Over time as the fragrance subsides, re-scent with the included 10ml bottle of matching pure essential oils. 

We suggest putting ten drops on top, placing the lid back on then shaking it around to spread the essential oil throughout the Rose buds and petals. Once empty you can purchased the Essential Oil blend in our store or in our website.
Ingredients: Dried Botanicals & Scented with Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oils. 

Refills Available Online or Click & Collect